Funky Recycled Pencil Jewellery! Nov 2010

So you thought pencils were just for drawing? Well Zinc White is proving that ordinary objects can be transformed into something fashionable & funky!

We sent Paul Curtis from Zinc White some of our rejected pencils to see what he could transform them into – and the results were amazing! When you visit their website the message is clear “Our aim is to generate zero waste” which we think is great. In a world where the environment is becoming a top priority, it’s important to use & re-use whatever we can.

The pieces shown here are all made from pencils which are cut down & shaped to produce beautiful items of jewellery. Zinc White also make bags, home-wares & toys from unwanted ‘waste’:

“By reusing clothes we create bags, by recycling buttons and remoulding audio cassettes we construct lampshades, by remodelling men’s shirts and ties we fashion dresses and skirts and by reinventing kiddies plastic toys we personalize memories.”



A selection of Zinc White’s pencil jewellery is on sale at the Pencil Museum, Keswick (017687 73626) or you can buy direct from