Sketching step-by-step: Bridge & Brook – April 2011

Bridge and Brook

Here’s a great tutorial on how to draw a lovely bridge and brook using a variety of techniques with only a few pencils.

(Finished drawing 6” x 91/2”) Materials used:Derwent Sketching pencils HB, 2B, 4B. Smooth white cartridge paper 120lbs.

Sketching pencils have a soft, extra wide graphite strip, perfect for quick, free style sketches and bold line drawings. Available in 3 degrees, HB, 2B and 4B.

1. Begin with the HB pencil and a simple line drawing positioning the bridge and rocks. Using a loose hatching technique begin to sketch in the grasses behind the bridge. Use a diagonal stroke for the darker shadow section on the rocks.



2. Change to using the 2B and pressing firmly, hatch and cross hatch the underside of the bridge and the rocks immediately in front of it.

Using firm confident strokes draw the bush on the left. Using shorter looser cross hatching strokes position the grasses.
Add a few shorter strokes to darken behind the light on the bridge. Keep all of your strokes fairly loose and avoid ‘shading’.



3. Using 4B complete the foreground rocks and add more grasses.
Using horizontal strokes only, darken the banks of the brook. With circular movements suggest swirls in the water and add a rock or two if you wish. Finally using the HB pencil and a gentle pressure suggest some clouds by crosshatching.



You can download this as a printable step-by-step from our website. (6th project down)

Step-by-step & illustrations by Fiona Peart