A Very Happy Occasion – April 2011

The day is finally here! At Derwent, we’ve been planning our special celebration for the Royal Wedding for months. Our limited edition Majestic wooden box has been created to mark this momentous occasion and we’d love to share with you the poem which was created by the wonderful Ms Moem.


The poem will feature in the Majestic box in a wax sealed scroll – perfect for any Prince or Princess:

Derwent has defined manufacturing excellence, ever since 1832,
Taking graphite from the Borrowdale Mountains, to create pencils just for you.
Local craftsman evolved the process and our quality remains consistent as ever;
Illustrating our dedication to artists, we’re making our mark on the world, together.

As the Cumberland Pencil Company, in Keswick, Derwent’s foundations were drawn.
Now Lillyhall is home to our factory, and our museum stands where the company was born.
Set within the English Lake District, we’re proud of every pencil we make;
The heart of our unique brand embedded in this inspiring, artistic landscape.

We are the exclusive manufacturer of pencils, throughout the whole of the UK,
Crafting artist quality materials, which are used around the world, each day.
We’re as passionate about our company as our founders were right at the start
And thanks to our wonderful heritage, we have successfully perfected the art.

Our work is environmentally friendly, for which we’ve won accolades and more;
We were awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, in the year 2004.
The Queen & Prince Philip opened our factory – it was an honour to have them here
And now our wonderful West Cumbrian facility produces 30 million pencils a year.

We’re proud of our Royal connections, delivering perfection in all that we do;
We commemorated King Edward VII, with a wooden box of pencils, in 1902.
This set of 6 Derwent pencils, became the first in our long Royal line,
Celebrating some of history’s finest, and greatest moments in time.

When Prince Charles married Lady Diana, we created a commemorative tin,
With another 16 of our world renowned pencils, beautifully nestled within.
Now we present to you ‘The Majestic’, crafted with our tender loving care
To celebrate the Royal Wedding in 2011, of their first-born son and heir.

They make such a lovely couple and this occasion of global scale,
Sees Miss Catherine Middleton marry her Prince, HRH William of Wales.
May their lives be long and happy, and inspired by love and laughter
As we commemorate, as well as celebrate, their majestic ever after.

Speaking about the piece, Ms Moem said “I have been writing poetry ever since I was little girl and it is a true honour to be able to say that I have been writing professionally, as a bespoke poet since 2007 with clients all over Great Britain, and also America and Australia. Over the last 3 and half years, I have written thousands of bespoke Wedding Poems and occasional poems. As well as writing poetry for all personal special occasions, I also write poetry for commercial and business purposes. I released my first book, a book of motivational poems in October 2010. My collection of love and marriage poems will be released this year. My poetic inspiration comes from people. They are fascinating. And watching this particular Bride and Groom play out their romance in front of the whole world will be a true honour. Absolutely delighted to be working with Derwent”.


Many thanks to Ms Moem for her beautiful poem. Below are photos of No: 1 of 500 being packed and the scroll with a beautiful calligraphy piece by Wynne Barnes. We’ll now be celebrating the day with a tea party – let’s raise a teacup (or champagne glass!) to the happy couple!


Ms Moem who also goes by the name Amy Catherine, or Amy Mohammed was raised in Milnthorpe before moving to Kendal aged 18 where she has lived ever since. Amy has 4 daughters and specialises in writing poems that make people happy, that inspire and motivate, and that contain words and feelings that express the essence of the individual. For more information, or to commission a poem for yourself, visit: http://msmoem.com/