Interview: Diego Koi – June 2011

Thanks to Facebook we found an amazing artist who really astounded us with his skill at photo-realistic pencil drawing. We asked Diego to share his work and bio with us:

DiegoKoi was born in Lamezia Terme (CZ) October 25, 1989. As a young man he started out creating tattoo designs & was inspired by the work of Katsushika Hokusai.

In time, Diego’s technique moved on from the sharp and heavy lines of Japanese tattoo drawings and he progressed on to the lightness and delicacy of pencil drawing. The pursuit of perfection is an obsession for Diego.

He has the ability to see hundreds of shades of grey & achieve extreme realism in his works. He spent a brief time training with the great artists Calabrese, Maurizio Carnevali who helped him define his drawing skills to be able to communicate his vision.

Diego has made a great name for himself and is commissioned regularly from all over the world. His work goes beyond the simple picture and has wowed the public with exhibitions in the picturesque area of Calabria, Italy.





Diego uses Derwent Graphic Pencils “I tried many but the Derwent pencils are the best, because the feel of the pencil allows you to draw in a classic style, the core is also very strong & will not break.”

See his work below – it really is beautiful. For more information on DiegoKoi please visit: