Inktense on Canvas with Sarah Hurley – May 2012

One of my favourite things about the Inktense product range is the vibrancy of colour and the versatility of it being permanent once it’s dry so I can work back over and over until I’m happy. I can also use it on any surface!



I’d had a picture in my head for a very long time; it was based around a favourite quote of mine by Marilyn Monroe and I wanted to make it into a canvas to hang in my studio but I couldn’t find the right medium. I’m not a watercolour fan; paint seemed too heavy and then I thought of Inktense – just right! So I finally got around to making that canvas and I’m super happy with the result!

I used the Inktense blocks with a water spray bottle and my fingers (I’m a very messy artist!) to achieve the background effect, building up three layers to get the exact effect I wanted, letting the lighter colours shine through from underneath. I then used a mixture of Inktense blocks and pencils to draw in the details and highlights.

I finished it with a 3D glaze over the balloon and added the quote with an ink pen.

Thanks so much for looking, we’d love you to come and share your Inktense projects over on the Derwent Facebook page! I’ll be back soon with another project.
Sarah x