Stamping with Coloursoft – Sept 2012

Today I’m sharing a project using my favourite pencils in the whole world – Coloursoft! I was completely won over by these pencils a few years ago and my tin is NEVER off my desk – I always try and use them in projects wherever I can, whether it’s crafting or illustration! At the moment, lots of people are colouring in their stamped images with markers, which is great, but I want to remind everyone not to forget their pencils. The same fantastic shading results can be achieved and the buttery soft blending of the Coloursofts makes it simple to achieve great results with a little practice!

Here is a quick and simple card I made recently…



I lightly blended around the edges of card with an ink pad to create a very soft sky effect. I then created the bottom strip of grass by snipping into a strip of paper. Using the Coloursoft pencils I went over the top in a few shades of green – I could have used green paper to make life easier but a few of the stamped images I wanted to use had some grass built in at the bottom and I thought it would look odd if it didn’t match – this way it all blends together!



I then stamped all of my images onto slightly textured paper using a black inkpad and cut them out – then my favourite part – colouring them all in! I tend to start with the darkest areas of colour and blend in towards the lightest (remember, it’s much easier to add colour than take it away again!) Use a very light touch or you could find the surface gets shiny too quickly and you’ll have difficulty adding more colour. If you use a light touch you can layer your colour much more easily! You can always go back over with your darker colour at the end to add more contrast – I’ve done this around the leaves on the tree. I also went over with a lighter colour – yellow – to add some extra vibrancy to the green where the highlights would be.



You can see here how I’ve used a very light touch to add shade and texture to the badger’s face and fox’s tummy…



I also popped the owl on a little spring so he looks like he’s flying off!

Thanks so much for looking, we’d love you to come and share your Coloursoft projects over on the Derwent Facebook page! I’ll be back soon with another project.
Sarah x