The story of the GIANT pencil! June 2013

We often have big ideas here at Derwent… so when we decided to make a GIANT pencil, we needed a plan…


We have lots of talented people who work in our factory, so what better place to start? Our Technical Manager, Barbara Murray (above) and our Project Engineer, Tom Stephenson (below) set to work planning the 6ft pencil. Here’s how it was made:

  • The wood was cut and shaped at the Robin Hood Sawmill.
  • The Project Engineer planed and sanded the wood.
  • The lead was mixed, extruded and baked in the oven by the Research Assistant.
  • The pencil was painted and dipped by the Technical Manager.
  • The letters were printed by POD printers.
  • It was then finally sent back to the Project Engineer to be pointed. And yes, you can write with it!



So there you have it! Derwent and the Pencil Museum will be taking the big pencil to Carfest in August and 2 pencils will be auctioned at the event, so don’t miss your chance to own one!

Plus, one of the 6ft pencils will also be on display at the Pencil Museum, Keswick!