Essential Art Class Supplies! – Aug 2013



Well, it’s that time of year again… the summer is wrapping up and it’s time to plan your supplies list for school and college! But fear not, here at Derwent we’ve put together a list of essential items for any budding artist. Whether you’re doing GCSEs or you’re in your third year of university we have some fabulous products which will make your art assessments a breeze!


Derwent Graphic pencils

These high quality, traditional graphite pencils are perfect for initial sketches for art projects or more in-depth studies. Derwent Graphic is produced in a wide choice of 20 degrees, from a crisp, non-scratchy 9H to a soft, smudgy 9B. The hexagonal barrel is easy to hold and the pencil sharpens to a good point making it the ideal choice for students! Find out more here…

Derwent Coloursoft Pencils

Every art student needs some blendable, creamy colour pencils. Derwent Coloursoft come in 72 beautiful colours and is perfect for adding pops of colour to your work. Check out the range here.

Derwent XL Charcoal & Graphite

Want to make an impact with your art? Derwent XL Charcoal & Graphite blocks are perfect for creating expressive art with attitude. Use them on their sides for big expanses of colour or use the edges to create smooth lines and texture. There’s loads of accessories to use with this range too such as the Groove Cube… check it out!#


Derwent Inktense pencils & blocks

Love creating splashes of bright colour in your art? Then Inktense, whether in blocks or pencils are just for you! They come in 72 stunning colours and are water-soluble to create an ink-like effect. Use them on paper, fabric, silk… the list goes on! They’re permanent once the pigment is washed out and dried, so experiment with them in your college mixed-media projects for an injection of radiant colour.


An abundance of paper is required in art class! Whether it’s pastels, watercolour or dry media you work in, we’ve got a fantastic selection of sketchbooks and pads to suit you. Check out our Pastel Paper, Watercolour Paper, Sketchbooks and Journals to see which is for you.



Superpoint Mini Sharpener

You need to keep those pencils in tip-top condition and poised for action! We’ve got a vast array of sharpeners but our favourite for art school would be the Superpoint Mini Sharpener! It attaches to your desk and has a helical blade which is kind to pencils but gives you an impressively sharp point. Check it out here…

Erasers and other cool accessories

It’s pretty astonishing how many erasers you go through in art classes! Thankfully, here at Derwent we have some great options for erasing your work, adding highlights and correcting mistakes. One option is the Soft Art Eraser which is excellent for removing unwanted pencil marks whilst keeping your paper intact. The Shaped Erasers offer you more exact erasing while the Battery Operated Eraser takes the effort out of getting rid of pencil marks! Check out all the erasers on our website.

Need somewhere to store your art materials? Then look no further than the Derwent Carry-all!This handy bag with pencil leaves inside can hold up to 132 full-size pencils plus a range of drawing accessories and an A5 sketchbook. Pretty impressive, huh?

We could add more to this list but we’ll leave it to you to browse our website for even more cool art products to help you with your studies. Check it out here: