Yi Lin Juliana Ong and the Derwent Art Prize – Oct 2013

Artist Yi Lin Juliana Ong won third prize in the inaugral Derwent Art Prize – here she tells us about her work.


1) Which medium do you prefer to use and how do you find this medium is able to express your artistic vision?

Mostly pencil and ink on paper. Pencils give me the different level of intensity I like as the process of markings is why I enjoy drawing the most—it can be really strong and gentle. I also use ink, it being a wet technique, for the same graphic quality but quite the opposite as (though bolder as a finished work) it is more gentle in its act. But both are able to express the repetitive process in my works.

2) How do you begin a drawing?

I find a method of marking and I just keep going not really knowing how it’s going to end up, until the drawing, itself stops.

3) Do you work with any other artistic medium?

I am trying to use colours more in my works but have not really got into it.

4) Which artists have inspired you?

Miranda July, Gustave Dore, David Hockney, Fiona Banner, Daniel Johnston etc

5) What do you have planned in the future?

Keep drawing and I want to make them applicable. Say, making patterns on fabric for example.

6) What was it like to win third prize in the inaugural Derwent Art Prize?

It was a surprise actually and as I do not know how to show my works really, it was a good boost and support to not give up!

7) What were your thoughts on the Derwent Art Prize exhibition?

The curation of works could have been better. But I guess there’s also lack of space for quite a big selection… Great gallery though.