Top Tips for Derwent Artbar – Nov 2013


With a beautiful creamy consistency, Derwent Artbar is a range of solid, highly pigmented colour bars offering the artist so much creative potential. Here, artist Glyn Macey gives us his ten top tips for using Artbar!

1. Warm breath softens the Artbar surface allowing for easy blending.

2. Overlay ‘dry’ Artbar on top of wet washes for great mottled effects.



3. Two or more Artbar colours scribbled together can create broken areas of very vibrant colour and texture.

4. Producing Artbar artworks completely with dry strokes and then try laying your board or paper in water for a superb washed out look.

5. Texture can easily be added by flicking an Artbar with a stiff and damp paintbrush.



6. Sharpen an Artbar for tight details with the Shave ‘n’ Save and remember to save the shavings for mixing with water to create paint.

7. Scratch details into your work using the scraper.

8. Work dry into wet washes for instant blurred areas. Great for distance and perspective in landscapes.

9. Tone down areas by working dry earth colours over bright colours.

10. Use opaque and light coloured Artbars dry to create negative shapes over dark areas. Great for silhouettes.

You can find out more about Derwent Artbar here:

Download the printable version of the top ten of Artbar by clicking the link below:

Artbar Top 10 Tips.pdf (117.45 kb)