Derwent Art Prize 2014: the winners – Sept 2014

The winners of the Art Prize 2014 were announced last night at the Private View in the Mall Galleries, London.

Brian Fay has been awarded First Prize of £6,000 for his pencil drawing entitled ‘Looted salt mine 1945 Manet in the Winter Garden’. Dublin based, Brian Fay is an artist and lecturer in Fine Art at the Dublin Institute of Technology and is currently completing a PhD at Northumbria University. Brian has two works selected for exhibition.



Brian Fay, ‘Looted salt mine 1945 Manet in the Winter Garden’ First Prize

“My two drawings are taken from the Monuments Men archive, based on photographs taken in 1945 of stolen artworks that were hidden during the Second World War. The drawings attempt to emphasise the vulnerability of the paintings as objects when sited outside their normal museum context, and to depict the form of documentation that was used to record these discoveries. Both works are representative of my drawing practice that looks at the conservation and restoration of artworks as a reflection on the complex plurality of time in an art object.”

The Second Prize of £3,500 is awarded to Australian born Brian Morris, who now lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. The prize is awarded for his coloured pencil drawing ‘Hörnan’, meaning ‘the corner’ in Swedish. Morris explains, “It is a self-portrait which describes my feelings of living in the modern world.”



Brian Morris, ‘Hörnan’ Second Prize

Patsy Whiting from Loughborough, UK wins the £1,000 Third Prize and UK Coloured Pencil Society Award for Excellence of £250 for her coloured pencil drawing ‘Garden garage marriage’. She comments: “Recent work depicts moody, dark, still life, in a realistic style. The work is created using soft coloured pencil on black pastel paper and though technically a drawing, looks like a painting. Roses are a favourite subject at the moment, for the sculptural quality of the form. I like to contrast them with battered, mechanical or man-made forms.”



Patsy Whiting, ‘Garden garage marriage’ Third Prize

A Special Commendation is awarded to Katarzyna Wiesiolek from Rewal, Poland for her charcoal drawing entitled ‘Immanence V’.



Katarzyna Wiesiolek, ‘Immanence V’ Special Commendation

Natasha-Anne Aplin wins the Young Artist Award – For artists under 25 years of £500 with her work ‘Devolution Series’.



Natasha-Anne Aplin, ‘Devolution Series’ Young Artist Award winner

This year we have two People’s Choice Awards, one for the selected works in the exhibition and one for all of the entries. Day-z wins the People’s Choice Award – Exhibition of £700 for ‘London Riots’. János Hegyes ‘Portrait’ wins the People’s Choice Award – All entries of £700.



Day-z, ‘London Riots’ People’s Choice Award – The Exhibition



János Hegyes, ‘Portrait’ People’s Choice Award – all entries

Congratulations to all the winners!

All of the shortlisted works will be on display at the Mall Galleries in London from 15 – 20 September 2014. The London show will be followed by a tour to Trowbridge Arts, Wiltshire from 29 October – 22 November 2014, and The Pencil Museum in Cumbria from 1 December 2014 – 9 January 2015.