How to: Graphik Line Painters – Nov 2014




Paint pens need to be activated before use:


  1. Shake the pen for 20 seconds or until the pigment has mixed.
  2. Remove the lid and push the nib down on your paper and hold for 2 seconds. DO THIS ONLY ONCE.
  3. Keep the pen in an upright position.
  4. Be patient, the ink will flow through to the nib. You will see it drop down and colour the nib, then you are ready to draw.
  5. If the ink fails to flow, repeat the process, but never pump the nib up and down unless you want to flood the nib.


Let us show you what you can do with them!


  1. Draw some lines – feel how the ink flows.
  2. Fill in some solid colour – wow! Really opaque!
  3. If you pump the pen you will flood the nib – sometimes this is cool! You can blow into the ink to make splats.
  4. If you blow across a nib heavy with ink, you can spray colour.
  5. Try working contrasting colours over the top.
  6. Whilst your paint is wet you can add water to dilute pigments, use a waterbrush or simply blow!
  7. Most importantly have fun and experiment!


Store pens horizontally.

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