Get creative this Christmas! – Dec 2014



Why not make your own Christmas cards and gifts this Christmas? This quick and simple tutorial shows you how to use the Derwent Printmaking Set to create your own Christmas card.



You will need:

1 card

1 piece of paper

Derwent Printmaking Kit which contains:

Inktense Blocks

2 sheets of printing foam

1 Embossing Tool

1 Spritzer

1 Printing Roller


Step 1

Cut a piece of printing foam to your desired size.

Step 2

Draw your design onto the foam with the Embossing Tool. Go over the design a few times to ensure the indents are strong.



Step 3

Spray water over the design with the Spritzer.


Step 4

Rub the Inktense Block directly over the wet foam to add colour. You can add more than one colour if you wish, and even mix colours directly on the foam.



Step 5

Position the foam on your card or piece of paper and then carefully flip it over keeping the foam in position.


Smooth over the paper with the roller to transfer the image.



You could add extra details or a Christmas message to your design using Inktense Pencils.



And your card is complete! Use the same technique to create your own gift tags and Christmas decorations, or customise a canvas bag or pencil case for someone special.

Get your Printmaking set here: