Derwent Introducing…Vinaya Mahesh Deyannavar, London Art College

We sent a set of the newly improved Derwent Graphic to London Art College Student Vinaya Mahesh Deyannavar to create any image she liked. We travelled with Vinaya 4400 miles away to the Taj Mahal…

Introducing Vinaya Mahesh Deyannavar, London Art College

My name is Vinaya , currently completing the Drawing and Painting Diploma course with the London Art College. My passion towards art is from my childhood and I have been creating with mixed media from a young age.

I have a keen interest in graphite and the durability of the medium.

Personally, I feel graphite pencils are more friendly as they leave grey or black marks that can be easily erased. And most importantly, you get them in different ranges, with minor incremental changes.

When I began creating my pencil works, I used to work with only one grade of pencil that is H.

I could not understand the importance of different pencil grades. But once I started using them, I came across the different tonal range they produce.

While doing assignments in my course, I truly experimented across a full range, getting a feel for the tonal differences between each pencil. I still feel I am experimenting now as I continue to learn. Learning in art is a never ending process.

Derwent Graphic pencils are available in 20 grades. Softer Graphite Pencils are with range 9B to H, medium graphite pencils are with range 6B to 4H and hard graphite pencils with range B to 9H. They are very easy to hold and provide proper grip to fingers while working, because of their shape. While working you feel free and smooth flow of pencils with their sharp pointed tip. Hard grade pencils sharpen well with sharpeners while soft grade pencils with cutter blades.

The following image of Taj Mahal is done with Derwent Graphic Pencils with range 6B to 4H. W­ith­ its intricately detailed exterior, the majestic Taj Mahal is one of the world’s most wonderful works of architecture. By referring the original photo I have tried here and explained a step by step drawing.

1Using grade H, I have drawn an outline sketch as shown. It required very little pressure to achieve lighter tones, since outline sketches should be erased at later stage. While erasing I found very easily and cleanly removable.

Using grade F, I have added the details to the outline sketch. I loved using grade F, since it sharpens to very fine point. Under minimum pressure itself, it achieves little darker tone lines.


Using grade 2B, I have added details to one of the four minars (pillars) of Taj Mahal. Since the light hit is on left hand side, right hand side is shaded with darker tone 4B grade pencil. To get the darker shad3es, consistent a4nd free flow of pencils is enough, no need of extra pressure to achieve it.

Using the same grade 2B, I have added details to dome of Taj Mahal. Using grade 3B, I have enhanced the architectural details like texture of the masonry, windows and doors.

I totally enjoyed producing the exterior view of wonderful architectural works of Taj Mahal. Derwent pencils really helped me by producing a full tonal range of marks. I feel these pencils are perfect for pencil lovers and artists to produce their effective sketches with complete satisfaction in artwork.


Vinaya is a member of the London Art College and you can find more about their art courses here