Start the new year right with Derwent Pencils

New Year is a time for fresh starts. New beginnings and the opportunity to try something new, no matter what happened in 2016.

That also goes for your art supplies. January is the ideal time to revamp that dusty old art box and pick out a new selection of colourful supplies to help your work stand out from the rest when displayed in the gallery or on your wall.

So forget the diet, we have the perfect selection of materials for your ideal 2017 resolution.

capture2If your fed-up of cold winters nights, Derwent Graphik Line Painters are perfect to cover the start of 2017 in colour.

Boasting a plethora of rainbow shades in a versatile pigment, Line Painters can be controlled in a variety of ways, allowing for a selection of shapes to be easily created time and time again.

The fine Japanese nib means paint can be flicked, splashed and carefully drawn to ensure quality images every time with varying degrees of depth, thickness and strength.

Due to the multi-dimensional nature of this ‘life changing product’ (Carne Griffiths words, not ours!), Line Painters will push you to your artistic limit whilst opening your horizons to the infinite possibilities of twenty bright colours.

2017 is a rainbow of possibility with us.

If you’re regularly on the move and your resolution is to explore the world, then Graphic might be your perfect tool to add to your pencil case.

graphic-tin-24Featuring unique new art by Alexis Marcou, Graphic has been revamped to ensure the ideal pencil for artists of all experiences every time.

With a strong durable core, Graphic is the most reliable graphite pencil on the market that will past well in 2017 and beyond.

Incremental variations in each pencil and smooth graphite laydown, means each shade blends seamlessly into each other, perfect for creating in the cold winter hills or for saving for using on your next summer adventure.

But don’t just take our word for it; ask artist Diane Wright who put Graphic through its paces, take a look at Laura Hickman’s work or watch videos from Lisa Lachri or Jason Morgan.

Laura Hickman's fabulous Alexander McQueen inspired dress; created with Derwent Graphic
Laura Hickman’s fabulous Alexander McQueen inspired dress; created with Derwent Graphic

No matter where 2017 takes your and the challenges your face, make Derwent ensures you’re always Drawn to Perfection. graphic-sample-card-front

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