The Derwent Pencil Museum opens

The Derwent Pencil Museum reopened its doors on 15th June 2017 to a whole host of expectant visitors – including a celebrity name, known throughout the United Kingdom.

John Craven OBE, the longstanding broadcaster of BBC Countryfile, cut the red ribbon to the Derwent Pencil Museum revealing a fresh  new look. The much-loved broadcaster opened the museum alongside Derwent Global General Manager, Mike Stranders. Cumbrian online canine sensations Max and Paddy and Mayor of Keswick Susan Leighton were also in attendance to mark the special occasion.

John Craven, who had previously visited the Derwent Pencil Museum with his family, said: “I hardly recognise the museum since I last visited and it’s had a massive overhaul. They managed to save a lot of the exhibitions and the museum team has come back fighting.”

On opening the doors to the museum, visitors were treated to an attraction to be enjoyed by young and old. The adventure begins with a travel through time, venturing into a replica graphite mine, greeted by sights and smells similar to those witnessed in Borrowdale nearly two centuries ago.

The museum out into an exhibition on the world of Derwent pencils – from the first pencils made to a pencil fit for a Queen.  Derwent’s extensive history is demonstrated through a range of interactive displays, including a selection of items donated from former members of the Derwent factory. Journey back through time and find out about Derwent’s’ involvement with MI5 and a secret project to help allied pilots crossing the trenches during WW2.

The Museum also contains a new-look drawing room for a quick art class or just some time with your favourite drawing medium. The art room will host a whole selection of workshops, classes and meetings that you can get involved in.

Keep an eye on the for more information.

If you’ve been inspired by the selection of pencils throughout the Derwent Pencil Museum, the Museum shop has the full range of Derwent products to take home.

Before you leave, don’t forget to stop alongside our 1952 Austin Morris delivery van and grab a quick selfie! Send this to us using the hashtag #PencilMuseum and on Twitter.



  1. It was a real honour to meet John (a real hero of mine and a real asset to ‘Countryfile’) at the opening and show him just how easy Derwent XL Blocks are to work with…as you can see! A masterpiece you’ve made there John using them and not a dust speck on that beautiful suit!

  2. I am excited I have just purchased DERWENT Artists 72 from local news agent at Stawell Victoria Australia. I will be saving up for the new product

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