Feel Good Friday by Betty Etiquette

How easy is it for you to take 30 mins out of your busy day to slow down and concentrate on yourself? I’m Rebecca from @bettyetiquette, a hand-lettering artist from London UK and Derwent have let me loose with some of their newest art materials.

I find it really hard to step away from my desk when work is piling up, but when I do take time out to focus on a quick creative project I’ve noticed that it helps me to focus more when I go back to work and helps reduce my anxiety. To entice you to squeeze a little creative time into your busy day and more ‘me time’, I have created a series of quick, inspirational pieces to kick start  #DerwentFeelGoodFriday.

I experimented with Derwent’s Line Makers, Paint Pens and Metallic Pencils to create three mini projects focussing on colour, letter writing and pencil calligraphy which I will be introducing each week. These are just a few ideas to get your creativity flowing but I’m sure that once your pen, paint or pencil hits the paper, your own far more fabulous ideas won’t be far behind.

So, can you find a few mins today just for you to get creative? I promise it will make your heart and head feel just a little bit lighter.

The NEW Derwent Paint Pens are available online at www.DerwentArt.com and major art stockists.


For more information, please go to www.bettyetiquette.co.uk

Watch video: Feel Good Friday using Derwent Paint Pens