Find inspiration wherever you are with Betty Etiquette

Sometimes it’s the odd, surreal and unexpected that inspires you. Be that shape, colour, texture or location, inspiration can strike when you least expect it.

My inspiration struck me when spending time with my grandma and a piece of furniture always caught my eye. She had a 1950’s dresser that was Chartreuse Green – full of treats, craft supplies and a selection of cartoons that she’d carefully cut from the newspaper to show us every time we went over.

That cupboard certainly became my happy place and I think the colour stuck in my mind – so much that I tend to use it a huge amount in my own work, hoping to add the magic of my Grandma’s dressing table to every piece of art I create.

Imagine my joy when Derwent re-launched their Paint Pen Collection with a choice of new colours. Leaf Green Number 14 exactly matches that colour that brings back so many childhood memories.

Derwent Paint Pens keep that inspiration flowing as soon as you put pen to paper too, with a vivid ink that lays down smoothly and consistently on a selection of surfaces. Be that glass, wood, card, fabric or simply on paper, Derwent Paint Pens can be used in a variety of techniques to create vibrant artwork.

Plus, thanks to their versatility, I can use Derwent Paint Pens diluted with water to create washes and blends that extend the colour collection further than the twenty pens in the collection. With that, I hope I can inspire the next generation of artists and card makers to pick up a pen themselves with a memory of colour that they’ve seen in my work.

I’m already having to limit myself to using Leaf Green Number 14 because I’m using it too much! Whatever happens, you’ll definitely be seeing more of it in my work in the future.

Find out more about the Derwent Paint Pens and purchase the new collection here.

Order our Paint Pen and Waterbrush sample card before committing to the whole collection (just pay shipping!). View here.


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