Choose your style and unwind with Betty Etiquette

It is almost impossible to escape from screens in our busy digital world. With constant access to e-mails, social media pings dropping across your phone and advertising continually in your face, it can be difficult to switch off, unwind and forget the pressures of the modern world.

But, with mounting pressures, it couldn’t be more important to think about your own mental health, relax and find a small space to take some ‘me time.’ Whether that’s drawing, illustrating, urban sketching or something else, doing tasks just ‘for you’ couldn’t be easier.

For me, taking a few minutes out of my day to write a letter to someone is a brilliant way to get creative and slow the day down, concentrating on nothing but that moment and your own writing.

Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to be a letter. It can be a phrase that has struck me that day, a creative idea that I’m looking to explore or just my ‘word of the day.’

Writing can be even more enjoyable with a touch of colour – they can feature doodles, illustration or phrases written in different shades. Derwent’s extended Line Makers collection are perfect for just that – either in black, sepia, graphite or colour.

The colours in the Line Makers range are rich and deep and sit well on most paper types, meaning I never have to worry about ink bleeds, smudging or poor ink transfer.

With a unique Japanese nib that promises a smooth finish, the Line Makers are versatile enough to flow through eye-catching lettering whilst being strong enough to create a quick doodle when I’m thinking.

Not only that, but when my letter is finished, I can brighten up a letter, envelope or even a birthday card whilst being used to create bold titles or initials. The varying thicknesses of pen really do mean that the creative opportunities are endless.

If reading this blog has been your ‘me time,’ why not extend it a little longer and get creative? Here are a few ideas of lettering styles you could use to pen a letter and make someone’s day, whilst unwinding your own.

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