Reviewing Derwent Lightfast with Richard Klekociuk

For me, Lightfast must rank as the best coloured pencil Derwent has ever made. Why?

Lightfastness is a huge issue with serious coloured pencil artists and Derwent has answered the challenge giving artists every confidence when working with these oil-based pencils. I’m one of few coloured pencil artists who prefer to work on coloured papers and boards and that doesn’t accept every coloured pencil on the market, but I found that the pigments are strong, of high quality and are easy to apply and lay down. Blending isn’t an issue either and, with a fixative, you’ll avoid the dreaded ‘wax bloom’ that you sometimes get with too many layers.

The pencils are easily held and well labelled, although I’d like to see them numbered 1 – 72 for their correct return to the tin. Speaking of the tin, the cover design by Jesse Lane is a real ‘eye’ catcher.

The range of colours in the set of 72 is strong but I cannot wait for the introduction of an additional 28 in the coming months. You do get a real depth of colour across the range (often getting three different types of a single colour.) I hope the new colour range includes more blues and additional bright colours such as pink.

I’m sure fans of Derwent pencils will be eager to acquire a set of these pencils, but if you’re not a fan, you may be missing out on purchasing a worthwhile addition to your coloured pencil arsenal.

Richard Klekociuk’s test was undertaken independently, with product provided by Derwent. You can purchase the 72 Lightfast pencil tin here.

Richard Klekociuk is an Australian artist and art teacher with 50 years’ experience. Since 1986 coloured pencils have been his preferred medium with national and international recognition for his work through exhibitions, publications and numerous art awards.

Richard’s work as based on the Australian landscape through a broad range of interpretations from realism to abstraction, story telling to environmental issues, mark making to pattern and design.

Instagram: artkleko
Facebook: Richard.klekociuk

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