Using the Derwent Metallic Pan Set on Black paper with Julia Woning

Following my recent blog with the Derwent Inktense Paint Pan Set, I was kindly sent the new Metallic Paint Pan Set – the latest innovation from Derwent, boasting all the shimmering qualities of their iconic Metallic Pencil range* with the versatility of a water-soluble paint set. (*Derwent’s Metallic Pencils are not water-soluble.) 

Due to its shimmer and formulation, the product works perfectly on black paper. Each metallic colour adds a real drama to any piece. So, I grabbed my black paper to create a bird with these new shimmering shades.

Of course, you can’t begin with a Graphic Pencil here as it’s slightly too dark – so I’ve grabbed a white pencil to sketch the outline of my bird, before adding silver to the bird’s head. By flicking outwards, I can get texture of feathers easily with a simple ruffled look.

Firstly, before moving on to the Metallic Paint Pan Set, I used a white from the Inktense Paint Pan Set. I mixed this slightly with other shades to get varying tonal values. When flicking outwards, remember that the bird was a round quality, meaning that all feather will head slightly in different directions. Straight lines will make your piece look flat, so ensure that you’re working to the curvature of your animal.

Then, trying to keep a ‘family’ of colours together, I use white then silver on the wings before layering a blue metallic on the top.

Flecks of gold can add a different shade to the piece, whilst making the bird look slightly dirty – they’ve been hard at work! One piece of advice I can offer is that spaces in between feathers is your friend, don’t try and overfill – know when to stop! I would say this is my top tip for any piece you do – know when to stop adding details as space can really add something.

Then time to add final details – a simply white flick to the eye and beak before setting back and viewing my piece from a distance! I love it – it’s something different to add to my portfolio and the Metallic Paint Pan Set adds something new to my art materials box!

Good luck with practising with the Derwent Metallic Paint Pan Set and enjoy creating, wherever you are!

Thanks to Julia Woning for creating this fantastic piece and video for us! You can discover her work on her website, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Inspired by Julia’s work? You can grab your own Metallic Pan Set here.