Bird with Graphitint Paint Pan Pocket Set by Julia Woning

Like all of my pieces, the best place to start is with a sketch of my chosen animal. After I have lightly sketched the bird basic shape, I began to add colour. This time with the Derwent Graphitint Paint Pan Pocket Set on the Derwent Inktense 100% cotton watercolour paper.  I am using the Push Button Waterbrush Set to create this bird. 

I will start with putting down a wet layer and let three beautiful Graphitint colours mix to create a beautiful background. Then you have to have patience and let it completely dry. You can speed this up by using a hairdryer.

It’s best to remember here is that animals, like all things, aren’t a single flat colour. They are full of depth, minor tonal changes and shape. I will build this bird layer by layer, starting with little feathers on the head. The Graphitint Paint Pan Set has 12 beautiful colours with a subtle grey under tone due to the graphite in the paint. Here I even mixed the colours to create new colours for the bird.

Layer on layer I will build the bird, from light to dark tones, made with the beautiful Graphitint tones. Be aware of the white in the bird. Leave spaces open. The last layers are the darkest tones and the smallest details.

I will explain which colours I have mixed in the film. Watch the video here.

Good luck with practising with the Derwent Graphite Paint Pan Pocket Set and enjoy creating – there’s always time to add a bit of colour to your life!

Thanks to Julia Woning for creating this fantastic piece and video for us! You can discover her work on her websiteFacebookInstagram or YouTube.

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  1. Love this new learner fro water color these videos demonstrating the process is something I appropriate a lot, thanks for putting this up love the tutorial.

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