Creating the Graphitint Paint Commission by Marguerite Horner

In 2019, I was invited to spend two weeks in China on a residency at the Nanxi Academy, Wenzhou, along with several other artists. I was warmly welcomed at the airport with flowers and over the next two weeks, I was taken to some of the most beautiful places in that part of China to sketch from life and take photographs in order to later develop work from this experience.

We were honoured with the most generous hospitality, treated to wonderful meals, accommodation and hotels along the way. During the welcoming ceremony the Government official stated that ‘It was the hope that the cultural exchange could surpass and overtake cultural differences and isolation, that by learning from each other, culture can replace cultural confrontation and conflict”.

I was asked by Derwent to create the commission for the Graphitint Paint packaging, so I chose one of the most beautiful landscapes I visited in China. What I love most about these paints is that the pre-mixed tones are not only sympathetic to landscape painting, but also enable a more spontaneous response to the sensations and experience of what the artist is looking at…so immersing the painter into the reality of the present moment.

Mask out the area, trace down the drawing and start adding in the paint

I start my painting by doing a 20x20cm work on watercolour paper. I mask the area with masking tape and trace down my drawing so that I have a guide to paint on.

Work from the top to the bottom

I work from the top to the bottom blending as I go.

Adding in more of the colour

If there are areas with too much paint I add a little water and blot it off. However with Graphitint Paint it is also possible to use an eraser to lighten or correct an area.

Adding in the water

I carefully put in the ripples of water. The brush has a well for water so that it
behaves like a fountain pen.

Adding in the foreground foliage

With one touch of the brush I put in the foreground leaves with a paint loaded brush.

Completing the foreground

I add more foliage over the foreground to complete the painting.

Close up of the background

Here is a close up of the background.

Close up of the foreground

Here is a close up of foreground.

The final image

The final image with some final adjustments.

Thank you to Marguerite Horner for this blog. We would love to see what you can produce with our Graphitint Paint.

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