‘While the city was busy we decided to rest’ – Painting with Tinted Charcoal by Marguerite Horner

What you will need:

Using Tinted Charcoal Paint

I decided to do another painting inspired by my residency in China in 2019. After one attempt on some Derwent Watercolour Paper, I did another version on Derwent Inktense Paper; which I preferred as it was much easier for me to get the effects and atmosphere I wanted. I could also make areas lighter with an eraser. If I wanted to make a specific shape lighter, I would make a stencil by cutting the shape on a thin piece of card and then using an eraser on that.

The range of tones were subtle yet harmonious and so I used the cooler tones for the distance and the warmer tones in the foreground. I like the amount of control I had and yet only a single layer could provide enough depth, it never needed more than 3. However it was also possible to put a light wash over an area without disturbing the layers underneath, which was very useful and gave me a lot of control. The paint also blended well if I was painting wet on wet.

‘While the city was busy we decided to rest’

The title ‘While the city was busy we decided to rest’ came from a song by Captain Beefheart; that reminded me of the necessity to take time away to contemplate and get in touch with that small still voice that too much business can sometimes drown out.

Final Piece

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